(508) 866-7346 | 96 North Main Street · Carver, MA 02330

(508) 866-7346 | 96 North Main Street · Carver, MA 02330

Join our team of stylists and

Be Your Own Boss

Rent salon space at Harlow's Hair Design.

Are you a hair stylist seeking new opportunities offering greater independence?

Become an independent hairstylist 

Leave the traditional salon employee setting.

Turn your career into an independent hairstylistwith an elegant chair rental at Harlow's Hair Design.

Salon Chair Rentals at Harlow's Hair Design

Amenities & Benefits

Convenient Location

Ideal location near shopping and retail areas, with easy access to Route 44 and Route 3

Salon-Front Parking

Free and easy storefront parking

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Convenient internet service for you and your clients

Snacks and Beverages

A self-serve refreshment bar for you and your clientele

Stylist's Break Room

Relax and enjoy a meal or snack

Personal Storage Area

A large, lockable pantry for your personal products

Additional Amenities

Towels and private changing room